Monday, January 7, 2008

Winter Trail Running

Despite staying up a bit too late watching Part 2 of the BBC production of Jane Eyre last night on television (fabulous version!!), I had a wonderful 5 mile run through the trails in Caryl Park (Dover) this morning with three of my Suburban Strider running buddies. Chris leads the pack with her black lab on Mondays and invites the rest of us, and our dogs, to run with them. I opt to leave Lilly, our mini-daschund, home on the coach where she spends 90% of her time. Lilly is a very good sprinter at short distances, but definitely lacks endurance.

There was quite a bit of snow and ice, and Chris was kind enough to provide me with a set of YakTrak. Our pace was somewhat slow as we navigated through all the winter messiness, but it was an excellent workout, very similiar to running on sand. And it's always nice to break up the regular road running routine.
I will try and pop over to Marathon Sports today and pick up my own YakTrak based on the fact that even the plowed roads can be very icey. I am not a big fan of indoor/treadmill ("dreadmill") workouts, so I would rather take on the ice and snow and whatever else the winter weather gods throw my way.
Our post run activity was lunch at our favorite eating place in Wellesley, Cafe Mangal. Their Mediterranean Salad is to die for!

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