Monday, January 7, 2008

DFMC Fundraising To Do List

  1. compose 2008 fundraising letter about why I run with DFMC
  2. gather together addresses of friends, family members, and anyone I've ever met.
  3. purchase breast cancer stamps
  4. print out labels for enclosed self-addressed and stamped envelopes
  6. Enjoy the donations and responses of my generous donors
Exciting Children's Literary News of the Day:

Tim Ering, one of my most favorite illustrators and authors has just released a new picture book titled Necks Out for Adventure!. It is a charming story about Edwin the clam who saves the day when he rescues his mother and other "wiggleworms" from the dreadful fate of being steamed. I've had the pleasure and honor to meet Tim a handful of times and he radiates positive and creative energy. He has never run a marathon, but he's participated in at least one Falmouth Road Race. When I first heard the subject of his new book I questioned his ability to portray a clam, even harder- a belly and neck of a clam, as an endearing picture book character. Well, check this out -

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat steamers again!!!

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