Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fundraising Letter: 2008

"Jogging is very beneficial. It's good for your legs and your feet. It's also very good for the ground. It makes it feel needed." - Charles Schulz

I discovered these words of wisdom when doing a google search for running quotes. My goal was to find some sort of inspiration for a unique and creative theme for my 2008 fundraising letter. After all, I've been running for DFMC for 13 years and each year I'm basically telling the same (but very important) story. For the sake of my donors I try to add a new twist each year.

So I decided to go with the Peanuts theme for 2 reasons :

  1. I like the Peanuts! I always have. In fact, I was a bit obsessed with them in Middle School as I collected volume after volume of his strips. Some of the girls from Laurel School (going WAY back!) might remember those days. I remember writing a paper on Robert Short's interpretation of the cartoons in his book, The Gospel According to the Peanuts. I really doubt that there was much depth to my theological thinking in 8th grade, but it was a good way to combine my Peanuts obsession with required school work. I actually reread the Gospel According to the Peanuts on the train down to New York City this past November (New York Marathon 2007 - Marathon Finish Time- 3:12). Very humorous and thought-provoking. Remember Snoopy rising out of the Pumpkin Patch.....

    My renewed interest in the Peanuts/Charles Schulz was based on a new biography that has been getting decent reviews. Evidently there was a darker, sadder side to Charles that was never known by the general public. In other words, HE"S HUMAN!

    2. I love the quote! I very often feel as if I have a personal, almost spiritual connection to the gound when I run. The ground is always there, always a great listener, and never makes demands of me. I need the ground and the ground needs me - what a perfect relationship!

    And here is my conclusion to this year's fundaising letter:

"Good Grief...How can we lose when we're so sincere?!"

Together we can move forward towards our ultimate goal: A world without cancer!


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Sue said...

Hi Sarah: Love the Charlie Brown theme this year -- timely and fun! I'd seen a TV biography special on Charles Schultz about a month ago and I found it fascinating that it wasn't so much Charlie Brown he identified with as it was Schroeder...the ever pre-occupied artist working away at his craft. It appears as though that was how his family saw him -- tucked away in his studio, drawing and drawing. And no matter how Lucy (a.k.a. Schultz' wife) tried, she just couldn't get his attention.

But what I like so much about your using Peanuts for your fundraiser is that the strip always tried to remind us of our common human condition and the fact that we all make a difference to each other. You're making a difference with Dana Farber year after year and I'm so proud to support your efforts.

(Cue Peanuts theme song here!)