Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm going to a ball!

Okay, so it's not really a ball, but there will be Austen-themed country dancing at the“Afternoon in the Assembly Rooms: A Program of Austenian Enlightenment and Entertainment.” The event is hosted by the Jane Austen Society of North America (aka JASNA) Massachusetts Region which I will be a member of in the very near future!

The gala event will be held Sunday, September 14, from noon to 5:00 p.m. at the Henderson House Conference Center in Weston, Massachusetts. It begins with a lecture from Peter Graham on “Jane Austen’s Tangled Bank: A Darwinian Look at the Development of Sibling Personalities in Austen’s Novels.” This will be followed by dancing ("Do you like to dance, Mr. Darcy?")in Regency costume, and these performers will be encouraing us to learn the dances as well. (oh boy!) The event concludes with an elegant, formal tea.

All the Victorian excitement and adventure can be yours too at a price of $60 per person. I'm not sure if I could even pay my husband $600 to attend an event like this! But I think this will be great fun. I'm not exactly sure what to wear as I don't have a great deal of Regency style frocks in my closet, and it will be most interesting to see who else actually shows up at this event. Will there be anyone else with a bumper sticker on their car that reads "Jane Austen for President'? How old will the average JASNA member be?? And will the event actually last for 5 hours???? More to follow...