Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2010 Race Report: Short Version

It wasn't fast, and it wasn't pretty...but I made it to the finish line. With all my hamstring issues, lack of long runs, weekly mileage and let's face it , MY AGE, I didn't have any expectations of a strong race this year. Nevertheless, I love running the Boston Marathon each year with the DFMC and I went into the race focusing on the event as a wonderful celebration of my 15th Boston Marathon and 30th marathon overall. It has been 15 years of wonderful races, great people, lots of laughs, plenty of aches, pains and frustrations, but I am SO HAPPY that I found my way into the fabulous running community here in Boston.

Race conditions were perfect. I pretty much guessed that the first half was going to be okay but that I would begin to struggle the second half. This was EXACTLY what happened! Lots of walking breaks in the second half, particularly on the hills and through water stations. Finally finished in 3:41, and I believe my qualifying time for over 45 years of age was 4:00, so I had some wiggle room. I guess that is one benefit to getting old!!

More importantly, this year I was thrilled be honored as one of the DFMC 100k Fundraisers, meaning that with the support of family and friends I've been able to raise over$100,000 for cancer research over these 15 years of running with DFMC!!! A very exciting lifetime achievement indeed.

So what's next?? I must be nuts, but I've registered for the Mt. Desert Island Marathon in Arcadia National Park in Maine (October). Super hilly (mile 20-15 is all uphill!) super hard yet a BEAUTIFUL course! These days I'm more about beauty and experience than speed plus it's always nice to have a new goal. Looking forward to long, hilly (and slow) training runs this summer.