Monday, January 21, 2008

Time Stops for No Mouse

After years of rave reviews from both Alison (children's manager at the Wellesely Booksmith and Publisher Weekly blogger) and Lorna regarding the Hermux Tantamoq Adventures series by Michael Hoeye, I finally set aside some time to pick up Time Stops for No Mouse, the first in the series. Someone once described the series as “ Wind in the Willows meets Murder She Wrote” which is very fitting. I found this book utterly charming – a perfect family read-aloud! Fans of E.B. White (Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little and my personal favorite, Trumpet and the Swan) and Brian Jaques (Redwall series) are sure to enjoy the adventures of Hermux and the rest of his rodent friends. How could you NOT love a humble, watchmaker mouse protagonist who has a pet ladybug and writes thank-you notes to the universe at the end of the day:

“Thank you for friendship most of all. Thank you for cuff links. Thank you for dark theaters. For mousetraps even..for cotton sheets, soft pillows and apple juice. And cheese.”

This is a great, curl up by the fire, comfort read!

And as for my training, our guru and DFMC coach, Jack Fultz, advised us to cut back a bit in distance this weekend. On Saturday morning I ran a challenging 10 plus miles from our home in Medfield to Kallie’s track meet at Holliston highschool. I enjoy destination runs as opposed to out and back loops. The first half of those “out and back” loops can be depressing as you are getting farther and farther away from your final location. It is the exact opposite with “destination runs”. The minute you step out the door you are closing in on your final goal for the day. And speaking of training…time to drag myself out on the roads and sweat out some of those adult beverages from last night’s Pats game.

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