Monday, January 28, 2008

The Scarlett Letter "P"


While I've had dreams about seeing my name in print on the Publisher's Weekly homepage, I never imagined it would be in the form of a post revealing my shameful habit of "book peeking"!! The blogger to blame is Alison, children's manager at the Wellesley Booksmith.

Okay, people. This is PUBLISHERS WEEKLY!!! Tne International News Magazine of Book Publishing and Bookselling that's been around for 136 years! Alison knows EVERYONE in the bookselling/publishing and writing world and now I will go down in history as the librarian/ bookseller who peeks!!

As you might imagine, some authors have posted comments that they would NEVER do this and how insulting it is to their art. I was even accused of peeking at Christmas presents. I think I've hit rock bottom and perhaps this is the literary intervention I've needed to rid myself of the dreadful habit.

Time to go run a fast five miles and sweat out the shame.

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