Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Run and Lunch with the Emersons, Alcotts and Thoreaus

In order to throw in a bit of adventure and freshness into my marathon training, I have decided to designate Wednesday as my "travel running workout". Each week I will venture out to one of the many charming New England towns, map out a running loop, and explore the area. There is so much natural beauty, culture and literary history right here in our own backyards and I am going to take advantage of it.

Concord was the designated travel spot today. The big challenge in "travel running" is mapping out a safe and scenic loop in advance. My sense of direction is fairly pathetic so I really need to research my loops and have maps in my pockets at all times. I tried running out on the trails at the national park, but it was just too slushy and muddy, a real mess , considering the unusually warm temps the past few days. My running shoes are disgusting right now. Note to self: save the trails in Concord for late spring. After a frustrating mile or so on the trails, I changed my plan and headed out on the roads for another 7 miles, ending at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. What a neat place! It was quite a hill workout getting up to Authors Ridge. I called my husband, Brian, while eating my packed ham sandwich explaining to him that I was having lunch with Ralph Waldo and his family. He loves me but, like many others, thinks I'm a bit nuts!

Concord also has a FABULOUS independent bookstore in the center of town and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out what their staff is recommending. At the end of my visit I walked out with a copy of Roland Merullo's novel, Breakfast with Buddha.

I would be most appreciative of those runners who can share information about scenic loops in their communities. Next week....Sudbury and the Wayside Inn.

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Jack said...


Great idea, your travel-training-show. Something many feel they should do - but don't. Good for you.

We're you're ready to the Concord trails again, let me know. I'll bike you through them - having lived on them and those of Lincoln including all around Walden Pond - I'll give you a bike escort/guided tour.

And let me know how you like the book - sounds like a good one.