Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lazy morning and Donor of the Week

Weekend mornings are wonderful now that the children are older. Everyone loves to sleep! The quiet, cozy home (and bed!) was too hard to leave at 7:30 for the group run in Wayland. Looks like I'll be running the 16 mile Medfield to Dover out and back loop later today. I'll miss the company, the conversation, the sports beans and water stops, but it's mighty nice right now sipping my coffee watching the snow come down.

Donations are coming in on a regular basis, and I really appreciate all the kinds words of encouragement. And the top donor of the week is.........MY MOTHER!
Here is a picture of mom on one of her recent exotic adventures. Mom and her dear friend, Mac have become quite the world travellers which is WELL DESERVED after this wonderful woman raised 5 girls (I'm the baby).

Mom has also requested that I run in memory of Jane Banks, Mac's wife who passed away from breast cancer.
This will be an honor and pleasure. Jane was also an avid reader and very committed to giving back to others.
It's a real treat to have access to her collection of books at the Banks home library at Sagamore Beach.

Alrighty, I've had my last sip of coffee. Time to hit the road. My reward at the end of the day will be watching Mansfield Park in week 3 of Masterpiece Theater's celebration of Jane Austen.

"I cannot think well of a man who sports with any woman's feelings; and there may often be a great deal more suffered than a stander-by can judge of. " - Mansfield Park


Kristina Pinto said...

We missed you today, and I am SO jealous of your morning in bed. Good call! It was pretty outside but not much fun to be pelted in the face with snowflakes as we ran. An evening of Jane Austen sounds divine, esp. b/c we are headed out to an afternoon of Henson at Sesame Street Live. I could use some Mansfield Park as an antidote to Elmo.

sarah said...

Glad to hear that you were able to do the long run despite the heal irritation. The Wayland/Subury loop is beautiful. And have fun with the muppets!! (It's fun to relive the days of having young children in your posts)

Ophelia Rising said...

What a wonderful picture of your Mom! She looks lovely.

I used to live in Sudbury, so I know that area well. It IS quite beautiful. And I agree with Kristina - can't wait to have those mornings in bed, myself!