Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's a Family Affair

I forgot how time-consuming and involved a fundraising letter campaign can be. In order to get my letters out asap, I put everyone to work last night. My youngest daughter, Hannah, slapped on stamps while she watched Hannah Montana as my friend, Wendy, stuffed return envelopes into large mailing envelopes. Support and understanding from friends and family is so important in both fundraising and training for a marathon. Now that my older two children are in highschool, it's not a big deal for me to head out for two or three hours to run 16 or more miles (plus the time communting to and from the group run location). In most cases, Kallie and Beau aren't out of bed when I return from these workouts. It was a completely different story when they were young. I am very grateful to Brian for all the years he was willing to manage the group allowing me the time to train. Quite honestly, running 16 plus miles is much more relaxing than racing after two toddlers!

Kallie has provided support by keeping me company on some of my shorter runs. She recently developed a passion for running and needless to say Mom is thrilled with this development. She insists that we do not run through the center of town in order to avoid being seen running with "her mother". I let her set the pace and I am impressed that she can comfortably keep up a sub 8 minute pace for over 5 miles. And her training is paying off as she ran a PR in the 1,000 meter distance at her indoor meet this morning. Mother was very proud! A future DFMC gal!!

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tyler513 said...

Just what we'll need, another Nixon woman kicking our butts out on the road!

Congrats on the PR Kallie; I hope it's the first of many!