Sunday, January 11, 2009

Words from Hawaii

Aloha Sarah,

The weather outside's delightful (to the "Let it Snow" tune:) - at least here on Maui.Just read on your blog that you ran 3 - 4 times this week, including 2 consecutive days. Do you want to run now or in April? as long as you run on a painful foot, it will only get worse, or not get better and the amount of running you can do now won't help you get fitter anyway.Did you get my info on the Alter-G treadmill? If you were to live on the Arc Trainer 3 - 4 days / week and get on the Alter-G 1 - 2 / week, I believe you could get real fit with no stress to your foot. It will eventually heal but you shouldn't be running on it now - my $.02 worth.Stay warm -

Aloha - Jack

Even on his vacation our DFMC dedicated coach can't resist tossing out running wisdom! (I actually ran 6 miles on the trails on Saturday too. If felt good! But Jack's right...the next couple days will be filled with cross-training activities. Heading out to cross-country ski in a short bit to enjoy the new snow here in New England!

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