Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cross Training Activity #1

Indoor workouts are boring! You can definitely get a great workout and build up a real sweat on the indoor machines, but I can't stand the stationary aspect of the workouts. You're working hard and going NO WHERE! So I'm developing a program where I alternate indoor and outdoor workouts. We did a bit of organizing closets over vacation, and I uncovered a pair of hiking boots. There are many wonderful trails in Medfield and the surrounding towns, and I'm really enjoying my outdoor hikes. And when there is snow I strap on my cross-country skis and head out onto the trails. Today I decided to dig out an old pair of snowshoes (barely used) and try some snowshoe jogging. I'm hoping that this sort of "running" is okay for my heel considering it is fairly low impact (?). At least it adds a bit of zip into the exercise routine.

Let me tell you, trying to run/jog in snowshoes is HARD and a great workout! I definitely had to toss in walking breaks. I've done some research and they do make snowshoes specifically designed for fitness and running. The snowshoes I was using were pretty clunky, but if I can keep up this routine of snowshoe jogging I'll feel like Tinkerbell by the time I can actually run on the roads in my orange Mizuno racing flats!

I'm also getting the itch to travel, so I'm beginning to make plans for a 3 day hiking/walking/jogging adventure in the Lake District in England sometime in May. I've been given the thumbs up from my husband, and I have plans to discuss my UK adventure with my good friend and summer neighbor, Mary, who lives in London and Scotland. More details to follow.....


Laura said...

I have a "snow storm" tradition of breaking my snowshoes out every time we get a ton of snow in Somerville. I run all over the place before the plows come in. It's the best! I think it's pretty low impact, and my quads get a great workout from lifting the snow!

Anonymous said...

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