Friday, January 30, 2009

And when I'm not running....

...I'm usually reading or knitting. And I love making baby hats. They're fun, fast and relatively easy to create, and I'm having SO MUCH FUN experimenting with a new pattern weaving strips of ribbon in the hat. And the "rabbit ear" pattern is so sweet too!

The only problem is that they are beginning to take over the shelves in our family room. I need heads for these hats! Thank goodness there are a handful of DFMC veterans having babies this spring. (Again ...blurry pictures as I'm not very good at taking pics with my cell phone. But I wanted to post these for Om Gal after our knitting chat last night at Crossroads)

For FABULOUS baby hat patterns and ideas check out Itty Bitty hats by Susan Anderson


Brianna said...

That's an amazing collection of hats! You might consider donating them to a local hospital for them to give to newborns - we still have the hat Ethan was given by a group of local knitters who provided sweet hats to the maternity ward. I'm sure there are also groups doing fundraising who would love to pair one of those treasures with a children's book for an auction!

N.D. said...

That's alot of hats! supercute!