Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekly Mileage

Tuesday: 3 miles on treadmill (no pain)

Thursday: 5 miles on the road (not great - some discomfort at the run)

Friday: 3 miles on the trails (felt good!)

Not exactly what one sees in Jack's DFMC training guide for the second week in January, but it is a start.

After an MRI, bone scan and CT scan, there still is no real answer for the discomfort I've been having in my heel. No stress fracture, that's for sure. The word "stress reaction" has been tossed around which seems to be another term for overuse. So I've been given the thumbs up to run again and see how it feels. The treadmill and the trails are more foregiving and I've felt pretty good after those two workouts. The longer distance on the roads caused some post run aches and pain and I'm not sure if it was those extra 2 miles or the pavement. I really love strapping on the Yak Tracks on my new Mizuno trail running shoes and heading out onto the trails in Rocky Woods and I was thrilled that today's run (more of a jog as I don't want to sprain an ankle tripping over a rock or root) felt good. My plan is to try a longer distance on the trails and see how that goes. Heck - maybe a majority of my training will be repeat loops on the trails in Rocky Woods this marathon season! Just as long as I'm outside enjoying the great oudoors.

And just MAYBE I'll be able to run around the river next Thursday night in order to join the regular Thursday Night post-run gang at Crossroads. I miss those teeny tiny wine glasses!

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