Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Plan

Now that I'm finally back to running, and actually feeling pretty good after a couple weeks of easy, every-other day workouts, I'm ready for a training plan. So here is goes:

The problem with my heel started back in October when I tried to toss in too many long, hard runs after months of summer, easy running ( typically no longer than 8 miles as I just don't deal well in the heat). That strategy didn't work too well as I had to bag out of running the NYC marathon. (That is now on the calendar for November of 2009!). So the first part of the spring training plan is to take it slow and easy. I'm going to stick with the every-other day plan for another month focusing on building up the weekly long run. I'm up to 9, and if I add 2 miles each week I should be ready for a 20 mile run in early March. Bascially my goal is to get to the start of the Boston Marathon feeling healthy and fit without any concerns regarding race pace. At this point in my life I can safely say that my PR days are behind me which really is okay with me. Staying injury-free is now my goal and focus.

I've been real lucky with all this great snow here in New England as I've been doing lots of cross-country skiing which is a great cross-training activity for runners. It keeps me outside and the my typical 90 minute workouts are tough yet SO enjoyable. I've been out every day this week (I doubled up on running and skiing on Sunday and Tuesday) as you never know how long the white stuff will be with us. So enjoy it while you can!

See y'all at Crossroads tomorrow night!!!! (I can't wait to run the hills!!!)

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