Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heathcliff makes a GREAT distraction

Okay, so I might not be able to run 15 miles this weekend with the rest of the DFMC group (I'll put in 8-9) but the viewing of Masterpiece Classic's Wuthering Heights this coming Sunday night will be a great distraction.

"You know I could as soon forget you, as my own existence" - Heathcliff

This should be great fun, and no school/work the next day due to the MLK holiday, so I might make a of party out of the showing. Heathcliff's emotional immaturity tends to bug me...his passions are so intense that he pretty much destroys everyone around him..even the woman he loves! But, hey, like most of us, he is a complicated guy. I think I'll give him another chance and see how I feel after the latest PBS presentation. I may even get my daughter, a junior in highschool, to watch this with me. She suddenly is in a bit of a panic that she is turning into her mother based on the fact that she now loves to run (captain for the Medfield cross-country team next year) and likes literature and philosophy...go figure!

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