Sunday, March 9, 2008

Windy Nights in New England

The alarm went off at 8:30 this morning (feeling like 7:30 considering it was the first morning of Daylight's Savings) and while the wind outside sounded pretty fierce, I looked forward to joining the other DFMC runners in an "unofficial" group run in Arlington. I grabbed a quick cup of coffee, checked my emails, printed out directions to Tyler's house from Mapquest, then headed out the door. And THIS is what I discovered in our driveway:

"Um, honey...can I borrow your car this moring? There's a tree on top of the Tahoe."

As you might imagine, this jolted Brian into action for the day. I felt a bit guilty leaving him with the natural disaster in the driveway along with the mess in the kitchen left over from Saturday night fun with the Sullivans. But hey, this is March, and the long run is a priority - at least for a few hours. Despite the early morning shock and trauma, the 16 mile run along the Minute Men Trail through Arlington and Lexington was fabulous. A nice, flat out and back course followed by a quick brunch hosted by Tyler and his bride, Angie.

The "tree guy" should be able to come over tomorrow and remove the mess, and until then we're the talk of the neighborhood. Men just love to gather around and admire fallen trees on vehicles!


Brianna K. Grant said...

Oh no! That is NOT the kind of good morning greeting I'd like to have. Yikes!

I'm glad that you are all okay. Good luck with the clean up!

I'm sure you'll be the talk of the neighborhood when the tree guys come and take care of it for you. Chain saws and chippers are a good draw for curious power tool lovers, too! If we lived closer, my son would be one of the front row observers. :)

sarah said...

I oculd probably charge money as most little boys would love the "tree guy" event...perhaps I should put up the DFMC banner and advertise as part of my fundraising!