Sunday, March 2, 2008

20 Miles and a Raspberry Hat

I know, I know...I am involved in WAY too many nonprofit organizations. Yes, I run the Boston Marathon for DFMC and typically raise $10,000 each year. I'm also the volunteer Chair of the local Boston chapter of the literacy nonprofit First Book (and we're currently searching for enthusiastic literary loving folks to join our Board) , and now I'm working with the Children's Fitness Foundation to grow the Fit Girls Grant program for girls in underserved communities in Boston. My husband would like to see a little bit more of "for profit" in my daily routine, but what can I say, I LOVE these programs and really enjoy supporting them. And it's always great to combine one's personal interests and talents with fundraising endeavors.

My latest brainstorm to support First Book is the Warm Heads - Bright Minds project. I recruit "knitting athletes" to donate a hat or two per month to sell at independent bookstores where the proceeds benefit First Book, a literacy nonprofit with a mission of giving children in low-income families the opportunity to own and read their first new book.

So my philanthropic activites this weekend included a challenging 20 mile run on Sunday and knitting a raspberry hat for Warm Heads -Bright Minds (I specialize in fruits and flowers).

These fruit caps make great baby gifts when paired with Bruce Degen's Jamberry.


Brian Sawyer said...

Hey, Sarah. I'm traveling through here via The Marathon Mama (my wife). I could also be considered a "knitting athlete" (see here and here) Do you supply yarn, pattern, etc.? I'd be interested in hearing the details.

sarah said...

Your knitting talent is amazing. The sweater you made for Henry was incrdedible. Unfortunately I don't provide any yarn, but baby hats are typically quick and relatively easy and require minimal yarn. The Mass Hort. Shop in Wellesley is interested in the fruit/flower hats, but basically I leave the creative process open for knitters to donate hats they enjoy making. A great resource is Itty-Bitty hats by Susan Anderson