Sunday, March 16, 2008

20 Mile Run Number 2

Because of the Yoga Fundraiser I co-hosted with Barry this weekend (to benefit the Fit Girls Grant Program) I chose to add on 11 miles to the regular "Doing the Thursday" 9 mile run and get the long run out of the way for the week. I was hoping to have DFMC runner Mary's company on that day, but unfortunately Mary was sick and had to cancel. Bummer...running 20 miles solo is long and boring!

So a little after 5:00 on Thursday afternoon I headed out of the Woodlawn T stop running back on the course to mile 11.5 (Natick/Wellesley line). That leg of the course is really depressing as you're getting farther and farther away from the final destination (Crossroads Tavern). My spirits started to pick up when I could finally turn around and focus on heading into Boston and it was helpful to be able to pop into the Wellesley Booksmith and Marathon Sports for water/power gel stops. My timing was just perfect as I managed to hook up with the some of the Thursday Night Hill runners (Yea...running friends!), and Alison was a peach in pushing me to run those last 9 miles at a steady sub 8 minute pace.

And it's ALWAYS wonderful to finally finish a 20 mile run (2 down; 1 more to go before tapering). I know this picture is lowsy and blurry, but I think it captures how psyched I was to finally reach Crossroads as it was starting to get cold and windy ( and while I was excited to show off the Dana-Farber Middle School Challenge short sleeve t-shirt, I was beginning to freeze when the temps dipped into the low 30s.)

The Yoga Fundraiser at Exhale was terrific, and I can't thank Barry enough for coordinating the event. We were able to raise over $2,000 which will allow 35 new girls to participate in the Fit Girls Grant Program for girls in underserved communities in Boston. You're the best, Barry - Namaste!

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