Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Charlotte Bronte runs Boston

There are so many far-fetched Austen/Bronte related titles out there that maybe some day I will pen a novel about Charlotte travelling through time to run the Boston Marathon (raising funds for DMFC, of course).

The Secret Adventure of Charlotte Bronte is the latest title for Bronte obsessed fans to add to their collection . Here is the review from Book Sense:
Laura Joh Rowland's newest book may be a departure from her San Ichiro mysteries, but this ripping good story is sure to delight her steadfast fans and win her legions more. In this fun and fast-paced story, the author of Jane Eyre tackles a mystery, which includes a charge of plagiarism and murder." -- Karen Keyte, Books Etc., Portland, ME

I love the idea of Charlotte romping around with Anne and Emily trying to solve mysteries PLUS an exciting romance with a Mr. Rochester type of guy. Silly, yes... but Reader, I'm buying it!

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