Thursday, March 6, 2008

Men in Skirts

Check out these legs on some of our speedy male DFMC runners posing for the upcoming issue of skirt! magazine! (I really like Jack and Tyler's pointed toe poses!)

I'll be wearing my zebra print skirt on the hills tonight now that the temps are over 40 degrees. I'm still on the fence about the whole running skirt craze, but it adds a bit of humor and fun into the workout.

My favorite running skirt company and Babes Bookin' It sponsor is skirtsports...and the zebra print is now on sale!


Linds said...

GREAT pic. After seeing them dress up like this, it made the track workout on Tuesday a lot easier. Good laughs were had by all.

Kristina Pinto said...

oh. my. Just saw Jack's Boston Marathon photo in a book today, and this makes a lovely juxtaposition. Thanks for sharing!

twentysixpointtoomanymiles said...

SO GLAD that you posted this! not sure which is funnier --- Matt's skirt ruffles, or Jack & Tyler's pointed toes. Both are hilarious. And by the way, your blog is one million x better than mine and Laurie's! I'm so ashamed! - Aimee Wainwright

sarah said...

I was also wondering about Matt's skirt - what's with the ruffles!?
Do ya think any of the guys will run in these on Marathon Monday???

tyler513 said...

If someone makes a large enough donation, I'd wear one!

It was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs; certainly made me feel sassy, as you can see from the pointed toe.

Jack said...

Doing the shoot was a hoot - but I doubt we'll be hearing from Hooters for a similar shoot.

However, we could all do shooters at Hooters - after the next track workout (would that rival Red Bones Matt?)