Saturday, March 7, 2009

2009 Fundraising Theme/Campaign


Initially I had plans to "go green" with my fundaising and do all my letters/fundraising campaign through emails. My philosophy was "save a tree; save a life" by making an on-line donation towards cancer research. The response has not been great. This does not mean that friends and family members do not want to make a donation. It's just because the email is easy to overlook when one's inbox is full and often gets lost. In addition, I don't have email addresses for many individuals who have made donations in the past. So I've been working hard in getting out what will probably be over a hundred snail mail letters with a self-addressed stamped envelope for donors to send checks. Because I've been running for DFMC for 14 years, most of my friends/family know all the basic facts about DFMC, and my letter is short and sweet as I added in some fun "life is good" graphics. Life IS good...and the funds we raise has the potential to save many lives. I recently found out that a dear friend from high school (a mother of three young boys) is batting some sort of bone/lung cancer which brights to light the NEED for MORE RESEARCH to work towards treatments and eventually a cure for this horrible disease that affects so many of our loved ones. So Show your LOVE and let the $$ rippling factor begin for DFMC!!!!


N.D. said...

Love the campaign, very nice! I need to step it up a bit and send some letters too! I've been relying on email and a blog that I made up for fundraising (that no one reads). :)

sarah said...

I would do a post on your lil' runner sit that seems to have a large following! And as a new mom you must have a better appreciation for the health of a child!