Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Grossman Hill was my warm-up

I wisely opted NOT to run long on Saturday as I was battling some sort of bug, and unfortunatley could not attend the DFMC group run on Sunday due to a family bridal shower. This time of year you just can't fool around with the long run schedule...you just gotta suck it up and do it despite how boring and lonely it can be to run 20 miles solo. I HAD to run on Monday. I decided to run on the course as that provided me with at least a slight possibility of bumping into other runners who might be training. The other plus about running on the course was all the potential water and bathroom stops along the way. I don't run with a fuel belt (just can't stand anything hanging from my waist) so it is super helpful when I can pop into the Wellesley Booksmith (mile 13) or the any of 3 Marathon Sports (miles 15, 23, and 26) stores along the course.

My 20 mile route started at the WoodlandT stop (mile 17). I proceeded to run back on the course (yep...I had to tackle the awful Grossman's Hill the first mile!) to mile 11.5 which is a bit past Wellesley College. It felt wonderful to finally turn around at that point and start heading in the direction of the finish line, only another 14.5 miles to go! The wind was tough but I finally made it to the official finish line on Boylston. After a quick stop into Marathon Sports #3 and a great deal of moaning and groaning, I hobbled over to the T to catch what turned out to be an extremely slow train back to Woodland where my car was waiting. After another 30 minutes of driving I was finally back to my home in Medfield...a very LONG day, indeed!

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Natalie D said...

I'm pretty nervous about these hills!!! great job on your run!