Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Because I'm loving every wonderful, horrible moment of this.

These were the words on the poster that I just happened to glance at in the window of the Greater Boston Running Club (Lexington) after finishing a 15 mile long run on the Minute Man Path. It was an Adidas poster, and I'm guessing that this may be their theme for the 2009 Boston Marathon, as they've been the official merchandise sponsor for 21 years.

Because of the injuries this winter, the following weeks are going to be tough as I've got to throw in at least 2 runs of over 20 miles. Daily runs (ranging from 5-10 miles ) feel just fine, but the long runs are tough. And I'm guessing age might play at role in that discomfort too!

Gotta love my new mantra!


N.D. said...

that sounds cool. I have to get some good merchandise. can't wait!

Betsy Gott said...

It was the actual poster that we saw in Lexington...I got a photo of it! Hope your 20 was good today, it's a perfect day for a run!