Monday, March 23, 2009

Om Gal and Cara running Boston for Fit Girls!

....because readers are leaders!

It is official! Yoga enthusiasts, Cara and Rebecca, will be running their first Boston Marathon and raising funds for the Boston Fit Girls Project (sponsored by the DMSE Children's Fitness Foundation!!!
Please come and support Cara and Rebecca at the Fit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Event at the Lululemon Store at the Prudential on Tuesday, April 7 6;30-9:00.


Kristina said...

LOVE that photo! Thanks for the awesome event yesterday!

Nicole Orriƫns said...

What a lovely and funny picture! I recognize the pose. I've recently discovered yoga and have found it a welcome addition to my runs.

Would you perhaps like to swap links with me? My blog is about the philosophy and psychology and how it connects with motherhood!

You can find me at

Hope you run by!

Brianna said...

I hope it was wonderful! Looks like you have some amazing supporters. :)

And you should definitely check out momshomerun. Nicole has wonderfully uplifting posts!