Sunday, April 13, 2008

Marathon Jump Roping

Today I volunteered at the Jump Into Spring event supporting the fabulous Strong Women, Strong Girls program that Harvard graduate Lindsey Hyde started when she was a freshman. Lindsey is a dynamite young woman, and I love her program.

This first-time event was coordinated in the DownTown Crossing area right outside Macys where over 200 strong girls and their college mentors gathered for an afternoon of fun, fitness and fundraising. It was quite fitting that they assigned me to the Marathon Jump Roping Contest to see which girls could jump for the longest period of time. It's been a long time since I've skipped rope, so I'll log this as a cross-training day.

And I was particularly excited to run into two of my Condon School (S. Boston) Fit Girls at the event who also participate in the SWSG program.

Great event, great program, great women, and great girls!

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Laura said...

I'm SO sad I didn't know about this - I would have LOVED to volunteer!!