Friday, April 4, 2008

Final 2 weeks

DFMC coach and guru, Jack Fultz, was a real peach in taking the time to visit with the Dana-Farber Middle School Challenge Team yesterday. There are about 20 students who signed up for the first-time event as they help me train for the Boston Marathon (on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons they jog a 2 mile loop with me) and fundraise for cancer research.

I was also able to arrange for a photo shoot (I'll post some pics later today) and interview with our local press when Jack was visiting with the kids. It was very exciting for them to meet a REAL LIVE BOSTON MARATHON WINNER!
Later in the day I ran the Thursday 9 mile hill run with Tall Sarah, who is running her second marathon and shooting for a 3:15. The lady is on FIRE and all of us at Crossroads were strongly encouraging her to hold back (NO 20 mile run this weekend!) and save it for race day.

There is only one more “doing the Thursday” hill workout on the 2008 Boston Marathon Training schedule, which is always a sad thought as I just adore the DFMC family filled with runners young and old (Steve – thanks for the reminder last night that we are, in fact, old!).

I do hope to squeeze in an occasional run around the river in the late spring to stay in touch with all these wonderful runners, readers and philanthropists!

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Jack said...


It was great fun being there for your Middle School Challenge Team. And getting in a 50 mile bike ride in the process on a beautiful afternoon didn't hurt either (well, sort of:)

Probably good that you didn't show them our "Men in Skirts" photo - not sure how they would have taken that??

Great program (one of your many)

And Congratulations on your own 'center fold' in the current issue of Runner's World Magazine (page 32 everyone).

You're a STAR!