Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Austen for Arbeit

It is a truth universally acknowledged...that Young Jeff will indeed be reading Emma and Persuasion as I WON our bet by crossing the finish line before the speedy novice marathon runner!

Okay, so I was given a 30 minute lead as I started in wave 1, but believe me, I was working hard yesterday!

Arbeit - 2:52

Nixon - 3:05

Plus, the bet was reported on the Publisher's Weekly website!


Kristina Pinto said...

You earned two medals yesterday, the one around your neck and the even better one: not having to read Thomas Pynchon.
I think very highly of you--that I greatly esteem you.

Brianna said...

You did it! Can't wait to hear the book report from Arbeit. :)

Congrats on a FABULOUS run!

Mimi said...

Why Emma? Why not Pride and Prejudice instead? (He didn't read it in high school, believe it or not. And they didn't make him do anything he didn't want to do at Brown.) Anyway, he's already borrowed both from me, so he's ready!
~Young Jeff's Even-Younger Sister, Mimi

Anne said...

I'm so psyched for both you and Jeff!
Maybe you'll read his book for good measure. The guy did go under 3...

You'll both have to teach me how to stay hydrated!

hap142cu said...

Sarah it was nice meeting you as well. My race didn't go as planned but I still had a great time. My email is btaylor@lex5.k12.sc.us. email me and I will send you the picture of the truck. I will try to post it on the blog again as well.

hap142cu said...

Sarah no need to email unless you like. The picture is on my blog now.