Monday, April 7, 2008

"I think very highly of him -that I greatly esteem him."

Who is your favorite Austen leading man? Click here to meet the Men of Jane Austen.

I’m swept away by Colonel Brandon, and was very satisfied with the BBC’s latest portrayal of him. Some see him as old, serious and not very glamorous. But I share Marianne’s opinion of him when she finally grows up and recognizes the wonderful guy he really is…

“Colonel Brandon is an exceptional man. He kept faithful to his first love, even after she had been torn away from him…even after she was dead. He is the true romantic, I think. It is not what we say or feel that makes us what we are…just what we do…or fail to do.”

( maybe it's just a bit creepy that Brandon is 35 and Marianne, the object of his affection, is 17. Nevertheless, he is quite the gentleman - loyal, patient, honest and humble)

Mr Darcy? I like him, but definitely don’t love him. After all, he really is pretty much of an arrogant, uptight twit for most of the novel, even if he is rich and handsome.

Edward was looking pretty darn good in the wet t-shirt too!


Kristina Pinto said...

Ah, Edward Farrars. Be still my beating heart.

Linds said...

Per Sarah's suggestion:

I am not much of a reader of these types of books. I think my AP English class in high school killed my interest in a handful of them. That, and the fact that I am just constantly bored with the wonderful world of legalese. But, I was told that Brandon would be my type of man, according to my friend Kara. So, you and I would just have to fight over him :)

Going through the descriptions though, it seems like Frank Churchill in Emma is the type that I usually go for. I like that he also likes ABC games (like the game I made Liv, Steve and Stef play on our long run). Then, well, it says that he hates being tied down. I usually fall for the unattainable guy that presents me with a challenge, so that unfortunately would be oh-so-fitting :)

Anne said...

Austen? Sarah, my dear, I can give you Jack from the Magic Tree House Series, Steve, from blue's clues or Prof. Dumbledore. I have Persuasion on my nightstand but by the time I lay down to sleep, I am out within 4 minutes..
This takes the mind to sex, I know.
I thought I was supposed to be using this taper to CONSERVE energy. Maybe I'll ask my hubby to read Persuasion, then give me a 3 minute summary.

Brianna said...

Well, I can't say who my favorite Austen man is . . . but I DO know who my favorite highlighted Boston Runner is in the latest Runner's World!

Congrast on the great spotlight - the girls reading in the background are fantastic! :)