Monday, December 22, 2008

Injury Update

Last Friday I had a follow-up appointment with my podiatrist who, after a brief examination and an xray, told me my heel pain is due to problems with the mechanics of my foot and there wasn't much we could do about it, so running days were probably over. I proceeded to burst out in tears. What could this guy be talking about?! Did the mechanics of my foot and stride suddenly change after 26 marathons?! If I overpronate LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT order orthodics!! And what about the on and off shooting pains in the foot?? That certainly isn't normal and can we please try and find a way for this to heal itself?? The physical therapist with whom I would like to begin working made me promise to insist on further tests to get a more indepth look into the injury. Reluctantly the podiatrist made arrangements for an MRI. Those results came back today and there does seem to be some "stress" related issues. As strange as it may sound, I am actually hoping for some sort of stress fracture diagnosis. Most runners with stress fractures in the heel are put in some sort of boot for 2-4 weeks. It also appears that they are not allowed any weight bearing cross-training activities, which includes the eliptical and standing up on the stationary bike. If I do indeed have a stress fracture in the heel, my daily routine of walking around and cross-training at the gym MAY be interfering with the healing process...which is why I'm haven't seen much improvment for the past 2 months. So the day after Christmas, he (podiatrist) has ordered two new tests, one of which is a bone scan.
I'm not really clear on how all these tests work, or what NEW information the bone scan will reveal...I just want to RUN AGAIN SOON!

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Brianna said...

Good for YOU for insisting on further testing. You know your body better than anyone else - especially after 26 marathons!!! Best wishes as you complete those tests and do your best to be patient as you await the results.

On a fun note - guess what book I got for Christmas that you recommended??