Friday, February 15, 2008

Rt.16 is NOT a running trail!

I hate to break it to all the runners who regularly train on the Boston Marathon course, but Route 16 through Wellesley and Newton is NOT a running trail!

Because I'm leaving for Paris this weekend (celebrating Kallie's sweet sixteen !), I needed to squeeze in a long run yesterday. So I opted to extend the regular 9 mile "doing the Thursday" hill workout to a 16 mile long run. And oh yes, twice in one week I was forced to tackle the dreaded Grossman Hill. But that wasn't my biggest issue or concern last night. It's how DANGEROUS it is to run on Rt. 16, particularly at the 128 exit ramps!! And let's not forget the ridiculous "Big Dig" nastiness at mile 15 (near Marathon sports.) People, these are major roads! And most drivers don't love their local marathon runners - they want us off the roads. I know this from personal experience. Despite the fact that he's married to a woman running her 26 marathon this spring, my husband can't stand runners (and bikers) or any athletes for that matter who hog the road for their personal training. So watch out for a blue Volvo when running in Wellesley (he works near Rt. 16!). He's NOT going to slow down!

I'm fairly careful to always run on the sidewalk, despite having to slow down to a snail's pace navigating the winter mess. (Do people in Newton EVER shovel their sidewalks?!) But there are many others who don't want to sacrifice their pace, so these fools (did I say runners were smart in my last post?) run out in the street during rush hour and in the dark. CRAZY!


Kristina Pinto said...

I hear ya. We did the course today, and I found myself yelling, "There's a person here!" as I crossed the 128 entrance ramp and was nearly run down by a car who didn't seem to care that I was there. It provided a good adrenaline rush up Grossman's Hill. Every time I run that 128 spot and across that bridge near Marathon Sports, I thank God that I survived it. We tried to stick to the sidewalks as much as possible for the sake of our lives. Have a great trip and I'll see you soon (if I survive another run along Rte 16)!

sarah said...

I really hope that person who nearly ran you down wasn't driving a blue volvo! Glad to hear you had a good run with Anne!

Rick said...

Ok, Sarah. Message received.

HOWEVER, I do have to point out that I was wearing a reflective vest and my DFMC jacket (did you have yours on? :). I'm also VERY careful in that area and make sure I don't cross unless I'm sure the drivers see me.

As for the Woodland to Rte 16 stretch, I'd rather stick as close to the sidewalk as possible but if I'm risking falling on the ice or breaking an ankle, that's no good either.

Besides, I can't believe you'd think I'd do it to keep my pace!! Any slower and I'd be walking! :)