Monday, February 11, 2008

Fit Girls in Georgia

Last week I received an email from two elementary school teachers in Georgia interested in starting a Fit Girls program. It's so wonderful to see the enthusiasm of women like Lindsey and Whitney who are willing to volunteer their time and talents as they share their love of running (and reading) with girls in their community. As teachers they are already giving so much themselves to their students, and one of my goals is to make the Fit Girls program easy and affordable for these busy women to implement. Coaches do NOT need to be elite runners! The best coaches, mentors and role models are women who are energetic, caring and supportive of the girls efforts. In fact, one of the coaches in Boston is a parent who will be participating in her first 5k this spring. It’s not about speed and road racing experience, but more about setting goals, training together, having fun and cheering for EVERYONE who crosses the finish line.

While I can provide the basic tools ( 5k training schedule, series of stretching exercises, training logs, etc.) that have worked for me in my 6 years of developing and coaching Fit Girls here in Medfield, I think it is important to allow room for adjusting and adapting in order for each coach to add their personal touch and flair and create a program that works best for them and the girls they serve. Because of Judith’s background in personal training, she added strength training to her program as she had the girls doing sit-ups and lunges. Yoga gurus might include Sun Salutations and the more literature loving coaches may arrange a group run to the local library. And adding elements that are personally meaningful will increase the fun factor for both the coach and their team of girls.

So Lindsey and Whitney, Welcome to the Fit Girls Family! I look forward to logging miles, recommending great book titles and sharing thoughts on health and fitness with you and your team of girls.

On the right is a picture of one of my favorite Fit Girls - my youngest daughter, Hannah!

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