Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fall Marathons

In order to avoid the post-marathon let down at the end of April, I am already researching marathons to run as a fall goal and challenge. Two marathons a year (one in the spring and another in the fall) is just perfect for me. It keeps me in shape and focused, yet doesn't beat up the body. I recently received a very nice note from the good people at the New York Road Runner Club reminding me that the application for guaranteed entry is now available on-line. The qualifying standard for guaranteed entry for women in Open Division is:

Half Marathon: 1:37

Full Marathon: 3: 23

And for women in the Masters Divison:

Half Marathon: 1:44

Full Marathon: 3:38

My 2007 NYC marathon time was 3:12, so I have until May 1 to decide if this will be my fall marathon. I've participated in 5 NYC marathons and at one level I would like to spread out and try something new, but NYC is a very special race and it's hard to pass up the great time I typically have during the NYC marathon weekend. It's also fairly easy and affordable coming from Boston.

Now, if money and parental responsibilities weren't an issue, I would LOVE to run a marathon in Italy!! The Florence Marathon is Nov. 30 but I don't think leaving on a flight to Italy on Thanksgiving would go over well with my family! Of course we ALL could celebrate family togetherness over pasta if we travelled together, but that ain't gonna happen. (And after seeing my American Exrpess bill from Paris I have to limit the European travel conversations with my husband).

The other Italian marathon that intrigues me is the Assisi Marathon, the home of one of my favorite saints! The date of that race is Dec. 31 (what a way to celebrate the beginning of a new year!) and the event was promoted as a "Millennium for Peace" project in 2001. "The project, which brings together groups such as the International Centre for Peace between Peoples, is campaigning the United Nations to declare the new millennium as the Millennium for Peace and wipe out war and hunger for ever. Quite a tall order considering present times. . . "

Perhaps I could mask my selfish desire to travel to Tuscany by presenting myself as some sort of running peace ambassador from the Bay State. Yes honey, it is my moral and spiritual duty to run in Assisi considering the goal is to wipe our war and hunger! The other problem is I'm not exactly sure that the Assisi Marathon takes place ever might have been a one shot deal at the end of the millennium in which case I've missed the boat on this experience. Oh least I've got a copies of Frances Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun and Bella Tuscany on my shelves.


Roy said...

Hey Sarah,

Have you considered Berlin? Aside from the fact it's 1 of the 5 World Marathon Majors, it's a flat, fast course, easy to get into, & a great city to boot. I entered in '06, but bagged late to run Chicago instead. But anyone I've talked to who's run Berlin has had a great time. It's usually the last Sun in Sep, so there's a temperature risk, but it may be worth considering.

Roy (DFMC '07 & '08 Fundraising Committee)

Brianna K. Grant said...

Ah . . . Under the Tuscan Sun & Bella Tuscany - WONDERFUL books! I have Under the Tuscan Sun on my night stand right now (the autographed copy I bought when I was studying in Cortona). I'm working on re-reading it a fourth time and it still makes me laugh out loud - especially after my semester living in Italy. Good book choices!

sarah said...

Hey Roy,
Berlin is on my list too. I've heard it is an amazing event and very well organized. And the World Marathon Majors concept is realy cool too.
And Brianna - you lucky duck - living in Italy for a semester!