Friday, February 20, 2009

Those Darn Pot Holes

I've been "Doing The Thursday" run for the past 14 years, and I've always been very careful when running that strip of road coming down from Heartbreak Hill to B. C. as it is loaded with treacherous pot holes. Last night I clearly wasn't being very attentive to the craters as I stepped into one running at a fairly decent pace and landed flat on the ground. Luckily I was able to get my hands out in front of my face, but the fall wasn't pretty. I comtemplated hopping on the T at that point, but decided to walk, or rather jog, it out the rest of the way to Crossroads. (probably about another 4.5 miles). This probably wasn't a great decision as my ankle was very sore and swollen when I reached my final destination. JJ was great and whipped together a bag of ice for me and I continued to ice when I got back to Medfield. It doesn't look good ("Oh Mom...that's gross!") but considering I could run on it after I fell I think I'll be okay in a couple days. Darn, just when I was beginning to log some decent mileage and long runs.

Brian and I will be cheering on Kallie (junior in highschool) who is running the 1000 meters event at the Division 3 State Championship Meet at Reggie Lewis tonight. She is hoping for a birthday PR as she is celebraing her 17th birthday today. Wow - they grow up real fast!

Update: Kallie ran a 3:12 at her meet coming in 8th. A 4 second PR.


Natalie D said...

aww good luck to Kallie!
Hope your foot gets better, that's annoying!!!

Jack said...


I'll send you a treatment plan via email.